Japan Custom Tours - Escorted, Personal, Customised

Emperor statue Origami crane sculpture, Hiroshima Kanazawa; Sculptured tree at the Imperial Palace, Tokyo

What are escorted custom tours?

Our simple philosophy is to share with our guests the aspects, sights and experiences of Japan that we love.  To achieve that, we created Japan Custom Tours to help you experience the uniqueness of the country without many of the hurdles that separate the average tourist from the rich experiences that are available.   

The core functions that we do are:

While every group and guest is different there are some common themes that emerge that we help most people with.  Typical examples of what we do, we:

As your hosts we can provide as much or as little support as you need each day.   

Benefits to you


Our pricing is based on JPY295,000 per person per week.  This includes the cost of travel around Japan, trains and accommodation (typically 4* and 5* hotels) and these make up the bulk of the costs we incur providing your tour. Where sensible we include breakfast with the hotels (and dinner at some ryokan). Entrance fees for castles/temples/shrines are also included, but special events like theme parks, sumo or kabuki are not.

Our aim is to provide value for money.  We do charge a fee for our planning service and day-to-day role of hosting/guiding you and ensuring you have a great, hassle-free holiday.  We do pass on discounts that we are able to obtain on accommodation and travel, meaning a customised and hosted tour can be significantly cheaper than comparable organised tours.  Our tour prices are, however, not the lowest you can get for a holiday package, but then we do not stick 40 people on a bus and leave you on your own most of the day.

What expenses will I have while in Japan?

You will need to cover the costs of all food and drink, taxi fares, shopping and other incidentals. It is possible to spend a lot or a little on meals in Japan so there is flexibility within your budget. Buses and local trains/subways are inexpensive and are a way to save a substantial amount of money compared to taking taxis everywhere if you are budget-minded.   An allowance of Y50,000 per week per person should allow you to eat and drink well with few constraints. 

For many of these minor costs it is easier to pay for the group as a whole and keep tabs on spending for each guest (for things like entrance fees and subways).  For group meals it can be more difficult running separate accounts so either do a simple split or a more detailed breakdown as suits the group, and then settle the balance each day or two.