Japan Custom Tours

Arashiyama Bronze Buddha, Kamakura Tokyo skyline

Japan Custom Tours is designed to provide just that - a tour custom built for your requirements.  We will take you to see and do what YOU want to see and do, when you want!  We travel with you on the tours around Japan and are there to remove the hurdles that might prevent you from making the most of your time, helping you with things that can be difficult on your trip or while travelling independently - particularly away from the main cities.

We strive to offer experiences that are not available on standard organised tours and that would be difficult for you to achieve as a first time traveller to Japan.  This includes limiting the size of the group, making sure that you have enough time to look at what you want and not being rushed around. This means you can expect to swap a few emails with us before deciding on a tour rather than simply clicking on a generic "book now" button, and we look forward to working with you.

Escorted Tours to Japan - Customised to your requirements

For many people, an overseas holiday covering one or two weeks is a major expense when costs of flights, accommodation and other costs are included.  During the past few years of regular travel and hosting tours to Japan, we have seen and helped many tourists struggling with some of the travel basics, simply because Japan is a very unique country and sometimes presents the unexpected.  We have also talked to many people who would love to travel to Japan, but are put off by perceived difficulties with language, transport logistics and thinking it is an expensive country to visit.  For some, the idea of paying for a hosted tour seems an unnecessary expense, but are happy to pay for short, large group excursions that do not really enhance their holiday.

Japan Custom Tours enables people to experience what this fabulous country has to offer.  We plan and host tours to Japan that remove obstacles and allow you to focus on your holiday.  This includes arranging accommodation (within your budget), tickets to events, transport requirements and information about some of the best sights and experiences Japan has to offer. We keep our tour groups small (ten or less) so that we can provide a high level of service to our guests.  Because we do the planning and organising for you, we not only deliver the tour that you want, but can also give you more of what money cannot buy - time.  You will not be wasting your valuable days wondering where to go, what to see, standing in ticket queues or wondering where/what to eat.

Our escorted small group tours to Japan are designed to deliver unique and special experiences.  If you or your group would like something a little different, or simply want to indulge in some luxury, we can make your ideas a reality.  If you are seeking inspiration we can suggest places that will allow you to see some of the best that Japan has to offer.

From short special interest trips to more extensive itineraries spanning some of the less travelled areas, we can create tours exactly suited to our guests' requirements, no matter where in the world you are.

The tours are organised and hosted by Wendy and Patrick, originally from New Zealand, but spending most of their time in Japan (based in Tokyo).   Japan Custom Tours Limited is registered in New Zealand (company number 1580698) and has a registered office in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

Tokyo Office Established:  As part of the work we have been doing in Japan we have established an office in Tokyo at 東京都新宿区歌舞伎町2-25-8 (スイート 411) as of January 2016.

Updated Best of Japan Tour:  Following several successful tours during autumn we have updated our Best of Japan based on our guest experiences and to reduce the maximum time spent travelling on any one day, including more and varied day trips to see some of the special places accessible from Tokyo and Kyoto.